Getting the Best Out of Your Wedding Dressmaker

Getting the Best Out of Your Wedding Dressmaker

You’ve worn all sorts of dresses in your life but none will be as discussed, anticipated and photographed as the one you’ll wear on your wedding day. Most brides have very specific ideas about The Dress, which is why they have it professionally made rather than bought from a store. Once you’ve picked the perfect dressmaker, follow these tips to make sure the dress you’ve been daydreaming about is brought to life.

Do Your Homework

Whether you’ve been planning this dress since you were a starry-eyed teenager or only from your engagement, page through bridal magazines and wedding catalogues/ galleries and scour the Internet to find some inspiration. Look at fabric samples but don’t buy anything until you’ve consulted with your dressmaker. They are experts in textiles and will have a better idea of how the material will translate (or not!) into your wedding dress. You want your personality and style to shine through, so think about details like length, neckline, waistline and sleeves.

• The more information you give your dressmaker, the easier it will be to produce your dress.

Have Some Fun

Now that you have specific ideas, take your bridesmaids and try on a few ready-to-wear

The Bride’s Speech

The Bride’s Speech

Although traditionally, the bride was not required (or even encouraged) to make her own wedding speech, modern brides have increasingly been taking to the mike and turning this antiquated custom on it’s ear (hurrah girl power!). Many brides nowadays feel obliged to formally thank their families and guests for helping to celebrate this momentous occassion, as well as simply express how they’re feeling at this incredibly important juncture. So we’ve devised a plan for how you should structure your speech to make sure that all of your bases are covered.

( Courtesy

Where the Bride’s Speech Fits In

In the context of the broader running sheet for the wedding, the bride should be making her speech after the groom, just before the cutting of the cake. See our article on speech running order article for more details.

Lead With Your Gratitude

Even though ‘thank- yous’ have been made by the speech givers before, it’s still a nice gesture to reiterate the same sentiments to express your personal thanks to all your guests. People you should address include:

– All the guests present for making this day and celebration possible, as well as for their kind gifts. If you

How to Choosing Your Celebrant

How to Choosing Your Celebrant

Between your dress, the flowers, the canapés and the weather, there are so many details of a wedding that a bride needs to consider; but one of the most important is who solemnizes the wedding. He or she will set the tone for your day, and they’ll always be the person who officially made you husband and wife.

Deciding on a celebrant can be a challenging decision, which is why we’re here to help you. There are two different elements you need to consider before you select your marriage celebrant: legal and personal.


To be legally married In Australia, the ceremony must be performed by an authorised celebrant, but you may choose whether you want a civil or religious ceremony. There are four types of celebrants with this authority:

– A Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant who performs a religious ceremony, for an independent religious organisation.

– A Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant who conducts a civil ceremony, for people who may have religious beliefs, but who choose not to get married in a religious building.

–  A Minister of Religion who conducts a religious ceremony, and who belongs to a recognised denomination.

– A State official who performs a

Marriages more likely to end in divorce when wives get sick

Marriages more likely to end in divorce when wives get sick

Countless couples have recited the words, ‘in sickness and in health’ on their wedding day with the intention of honoring those vows. But as it turns out, that may be easier said than done.

A new Iowa State University study analyzed the divorce rate for couples in which either spouse was diagnosed with a serious illness. The study, published in the March issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, found a 6 percent higher probability of divorce for couples in which wives got sick compared to marriages in which wives remained healthy. However, a husband’s illness did not increase the risk for divorce.

Amelia Karraker, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of human development and family studies at Iowa State, says the data does not explain why this is the case, but there are a few reasons why illness can add stress to a marriage. For example, the healthy spouse is often the primary caregiver and may have to take sole responsibility of managing the household.

“There is a difference between feeling too sick to make dinner and needing someone to actually feed you. That’s something that can really change the dynamics within a marriage,”

How a wedding engagement changes Twitter feeds

How a wedding engagement changes Twitter feeds

A researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology has used Twitter as a lens to look into the lives of nearly 1,000 people who used the site to announce their wedding engagement. By comparing tweets before and after, the study was able to determine how people changed their online personas following the proposal. Some differences were split along gender lines. Others identified how people alter the words they use on Twitter after they are engaged.

The study followed 923 people who used “#engaged” to announce in 2011. The research team then looked at each person’s tweets in the nine-month period before the engagement and 12 months afterward (2 million total tweets). They were also compared to a random sampling of tweeters during the same time frame (12 million tweets).

After people got engaged, tweets with the word “I” or “me” dropped by 69 percent. They were replaced with “we” and “us.” There was barely any change within the control group.

“People began to paint themselves as a couple, rather than as individuals,” said Munmun de Choudhury, a Georgia Tech associate professor in the School of Interactive Computing who led the study. “They’re going through a major change in life, and

Newlyweds, be careful what you wish for

Newlyweds, be careful what you wish for

A statistical analysis of the gift “fulfillments” at several hundred online wedding gift registries suggests that wedding guests are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to buying an appropriate gift for the happy couple. The details reported in the International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing suggest that most people hope to garner social benefits of buying an expensive gift that somehow enhances their relationship with the newlyweds while at the same time they wish to limit monetary cost and save money.

Yun Kyung Oh of the Department of Business Administration, at Dongduk Women’s University, in Seoul, Korea, working with Ye Hu of the University of Houston, Texas, Xin Wang of Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, and William Robinson of Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, USA, explain how their Bayesian statistical analysis reveals a bimodal distribution of gift fulfillment that shows this push and pull across more than 500 wedding registries. The center of the distribution pivots on the average price available to the giver of the gifts requested by bride and groom. The higher than average-priced gifts are the target of those seeking greatest social benefit and the lower priced gifts by those hoping

A crystal wedding in the nanocosmos may lead to fast multi-functional processing units on single chip

A crystal wedding in the nanocosmos may lead to fast multi-functional processing units on single chip

Researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), the Vienna University of Technology and the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Lublin have succeeded in embedding nearly perfect semiconductor crystals into a silicon nanowire. With this new method of producing hybrid nanowires, very fast and multi-functional processing units can be accommodated on a single chip in the future. The research results will be published in the journal Nano Research.

Nano-optoelectronics are considered the cornerstone of future chip technology, but the research faces major challenges: on the one hand, electronic components must be accommodated into smaller and smaller spaces. On the other hand, what are known as compound semiconductors are to be embedded into conventional materials. In contrast to silicon, many of such semiconductors with extremely high electron mobility could improve performance of the most modern silicon-based CMOS technology.

Scientists from the HZDR, Vienna University of Technology and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Lublin have now come a step closer to both these targets: they integrated compound semiconductor crystals made of indium arsenide (InAs) into silicon nanowires, which are ideally suited for constructing increasingly compact chips.

This integration of crystals was the greatest obstacle for such “hetero-nanowires” until now: beyond the nanometer range, crystal lattice mismatch always led

How to Choosing Your Wedding Lingerie

How to Choosing Your Wedding Lingerie

All bride bodies are different, and all brides want to feel sexy on their wedding night.  Whether you’re sweet and demure or daringly delightful, your dream wedding night can be made even more heavenly with the right lingerie.

Just like choosing your wedding gown, lingerie should reflect your personality, your intimate relationship with your soon-to-be-spouse, and will require some time and planning to get it right.  Start looking at wedding night lingerie at least two weeks prior to the wedding to ensure you look and feel your absolute sexiest on your special night.

Double Up

Consider two different lingerie options – one to wear while donning your dress, and another for after dress-drop.  This way, you can focus on practicality and comfort in the gown, then goddess-worthy seduction when the dress comes off.


Traditionally, bridal lingerie came in white, ivory, or cream.  For your wedding lingerie, stick with white or nude for the ceremony, and enjoy playing with color for your wedding night!  Pastel colors are perfect for the sweet, conservative, or traditional-style bride, but red, black, navy, and other bold color options offer vibrant, seductive brides a powerful punch.

Styles and Details

Bridal lingerie buying can be tricky without knowledge of common lingerie styles and

Wedding Registry Glossary

Wedding Registry Glossary

Additional Charges: These are any services the hired company did not include in their original/ basic agreement, but are charging you for. These could be caused by numerous factors depending on your choice of registry, such as additional transfer fees if the process involves sending money to your bank account or changes to your honeymoon date. Remember to read through your contractual terms and conditions carefully!

Bridal Registry: This is another name for a wedding registry (below). However, this seems unfair as the wedding gifts are also for the groom; remember, it’s his big day too!

Cash Gift Registry: You can opt to ask guests to donate to a fund instead of providing physical guests. This fund could be for a new kitchen, necessary house renovations, for a car, towards the deposit to buy your home, or whatever else your heart desires. Guests can transfer their money to the account in numerous ways and it can all be maintained easily online. This is ideal for any of your wedding guests who are living abroad.

a. China is used to define all kinds of dinner dishes and sets, regardless of their material.
b. This word is used to describe “bone china”, which consists of a finely

Registry Etiquette The Dos and Don’ts

Registry Etiquette The Dos and Don’ts

Weddings can be a minefield of traditions, taboos and tough-talking grandmothers who disapprove of the more modern aspects of your wedding. Registries fall into a particularly tough area of wedding customs, as many couples feel a bit hesitant about what to add to them, while other are guilty having one at all. If you’re uncertain about the registry etiquette, here are a few dos and don’ts to help you steer clear of any wedding faux pas.

Absolutely Do Not:

– Go overboard. Only use two or three of your favourite stores for your registry.
– Only use local, speciality stores. Think about your out-of-town guests and include at least one national store that’s available online.
– Underestimate the basics. An ice cream maker sound like fun but will you ever use it?
– Force your registry on your guests. The guest ultimately decides what to give you, and it may not be anything from your list. Embracing the idea of some ‘surprise’ gifts can bring a little fun and excitement to the day and coming to terms with it before it happens will mean that you can focus on the positive aspects of the gifts, rather than dwelling on the fact

Dressmaker Glossary

Dressmaker Glossary

Boning: One instance where the reality is just as extreme as it sounds. When corsets were first introduced (early 16th century), the look of the tight and supportive top was achieved by sewing whale-bone into the garment. Until the 19th century, wood, ivory and baleen were also used frequently in corsetry. Nowadays, however, these items have been replaced with steel rods or hard plastic in the bodice, and is designed to support the weight of the skirt without the dress drooping in unsightly places.
Chiffon: a fine gauze-like transparent fabric which is often layered on the skirt of a wedding dress, especially ball gowns.
Duchesse Satin: a fabric which is made of blended silk and rayon. Duchesse satin is often chosen by brides because it is much lighter and cheaper than regular satin.
Major Alterations: major alterations on a custom fit dress include taking in or taking out the fabric to adjust the size. Adjusting the length of the hemline, train and sleeves as well as altering the neckline are also considered major dress alterations.
Minor alterations: once the dress has been custom fit, minor alterations include adjusting the sleeves and the way that the hemline sits. Adding decorative details

Wedding Speech Running Order

Wedding Speech Running Order

The typical running order for wedding speeches can vary depending on religion or culture, or even personal preference. The main objective in this portion of the wedding is to make sure that the guests are in a position to properly pay attention to, and actually enjoy the speeches. So, generally speaking, the speeches are held toward the end of the meal

Running Order

The running order of wedding speeches is usually as follows:

  • Guests arrive for drinks
  • Guests are seated
  • MC introduces the bridal party and welcomes the guests
  • Meal is served
  • Speeches are held
  • Cutting of the cake
  • Bridal waltz
  • Guests invited to dance
  • The farewell

It’s important to remember, however, that this order is flexible and can be changed. If another order happens to suit your needs better, feel free to switch it up. It helps to think out loud and discuss your options through with your wedding planner/ coordinater or family and friends to work out the best logistical option.

Speech Order

The order of the speeches themselves is similarly dependent on your personal preference. But for the sake of making sure they all run smoothly, decide on an order before the speeches are begun. Traditionally, speeches are made in the following order:

  • Father of the Bride
  • Father

6 Tips for Writing your Wedding day Vows

6 Tips for Writing your Wedding day Vows

Wedding Vow Example 1:

I, (name), take you, (name), to be my (husband/wife), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, so long as we both shall live.

Wedding Vow Example 2:

(name), I have lived with you and I love you. Today I give myself to be your husband and I take you to be my wife. Whatever life may bring, I will love you and care for you always.

Wedding Vow Example 3:

I ask everyone here to witness that I (name), take you, (name), to be my lawful wedded (husband/wife). I will love you, trust you, believe in you as you are, be honest with you, encourage you, support you in your endeavors, care for you and above all else, respect you as a person of equal worth, and with equal rights and responsibilities – in sickness as in health, for better for worse, through all our life together.

Wedding Vow Example 4:

I come here today, (name), to join my life to years before this company. In their presence I pledge to be true to you, to respect you, and to grow with you

Tips for Toasts and Speeches

Tips for Toasts and Speeches

Chances are that if you’ve made the effort to look up ‘tips for speech making’, this area isnt quite your forte. Yet. But have no public-speech-related fear! As it turns out, the gap between total amateur and being able to make a speech comfortably isn’t as wide as you’d think. All it takes is the right information and some practice (really). Read through and incorporate our tips to instantly up the ante and surprise the audience when it comes time to make your speech or toast.

  • When it comes to any form of public speaking, be it a wedding or a conference, the most important thing is to know your audience.
  1. The first component of this is to decide on which tone is most appropriate for your speech. If the affair is a formal one, a speech rooted in humour or sentimental nostalgia might not be the most appropriate. If you’re not sure about the overall tone of the wedding, write your speech how you feel most comfortable, and make adjustments (such as how you address the audience, which jokes or memories you pull or add to the piece, etc) in the half-hour before you’re due to deliver it.
  2. Find out in

Wedding Speech Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Speech Dos and Don’ts

Whilst being asked to deliver the all-important wedding speech is, of course, an enormous honour, it can also be unbelieveably stressful. What if you’re not interesting enough? Optimistic enough? Funny enough? Poignant enough?

The good news is that severe public-speech-related jitters are incredibly common- studies have shown that public speaking is the top reported fear among adults, even beating out death itself. Bizarre. But a great wedding speech doesn’t have to be the cause of anxiety. Just follow these simple sets of ‘dos and don’ts’ for a fail-safe speech that will absolutely delight the bride and groom.


Plan your speech. A certain amount of spontaneity is definitely allowed, and you certainly don’t have to write your speech out word-for-word, but you do want to have all of the main points and examples planned out in your head. Before the big day, practice your speech for a friend to make sure you’re comfortable. Wedding photographers everywhere will tell you that some of these spontaneous moments provide some of the most lasting and memorable pictures in your wedding album.


Drink too much before your speech! At most wedding receptions there’s usually no shortage of alcohol – which can seem like a quick and easy way to calm

Wedding Celebrant FAQs

Wedding Celebrant FAQs

What does a celebrant do?

A wedding celebrant takes care of all of the legal requirements for your wedding. They communicate with the government departments and obtain and submit all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf. A celebrant also facilitates your wedding ceremony and helps to make sure things run smoothly on the day. They may also recommend other services to you such as local florists and caterers.

What is the difference between a minister and a celebrant?

A minister or priest is a religious leader and will usually perform weddings in their church and include religious wordings in the ceremony. A celebrant is a civil servant who can legally marry couples in a number of venues and is able to customise the ceremony to suit the needs and style of the couple.

How should we choose our celebrant?

Meet a few celebrants until you find someone who you both feel comfortable with. A celebrant who suits your style, personalities and understands your ceremony desires will work well with you and make the day more enjoyable for everyone. Basically, when you find someone who has the qualities you admire in a friend, you have probably found the perfect celebrant for your big day. For

Wedding Celebrant Glossary

Wedding Celebrant Glossary

Church wedding: a wedding ceremony which is performed in a place of worship, by a religious minister.

Civil celebrant: a civil celebrant is a person, outside of the church, who is legally able to marry couples and facilitate wedding ceremonies. A civil celebrant can perform wedding ceremonies in almost any location.

Intent to Marry: a form which must be submitted to the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages, at least 30 days prior to the wedding.

Interfaith Ceremony: a wedding between a couple from different faith backgrounds, which may be difficult to facilitate in a church. A civil celebrant can flexibly work with the couple to incorporate aspects of both faiths into the ceremony.

Legal Wordings: the words which must be spoken by the celebrant, prior to the vows being spoken, to make the marriage legal. There are certain words which must also be spoken by the bride and groom as they exchange vows, to make the marriage legally binding.

Minister: a religious leader who is able to legally marry couples and facilitate wedding ceremonies. Ministers usually include religious wordings during the ceremony and may only perform ceremonies inside their church or place of worship.

Readings: vows which are customised to suit the personality and style

Marriage Celebrant Checklist

Marriage Celebrant Checklist

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just invite all of our loved ones to our big day, rock up at the venue, kiss to seal the deal, and live happily ever after? The other elements of your wedding can, by all means, be a fairy-tale. Unfortunately, in the real world, a kiss does not fulfil the legal requirements of marriage.

Enter: wedding celebrant. A celebrant is like the fairy godmother of legalities and paperwork. Without a celebrant, there is, essentially, no marriage. Your celebrant will not only arrange all of that fiddly paperwork for you, they will also conduct the ceremony and, hopefully, add a unique element to your special day.

With a bit of research and time management (this guideline should help you, in that respect), you can find a celebrant who will, not only, perform all of the legal duties of the ceremony, but will also provide marriage insight, mesh well with you and your partner’s personalities, and perhaps even become a friend.

One Year to Go

• If you’re planning on getting hitched during peak season, it would be a wise idea to start meeting with celebrants now.

6 Months

• If you haven’t already, start consulting celebrants. When ‘shopping’ for a

Real Wedding Charmaine Hor and Steven Chan

Real Wedding Charmaine Hor and Steven Chan

Charmaine Hor and Steven Chan always knew they would tie the knot some day. So when Charmaine’s father’s cancer became critical, Charmaine knew she had to walk down the aisle with him by her side. For this reason they decided to say their vows 2 months later and share their love in front of their closest family and friends.

How did you find the wedding planning process?
Planning our wedding was quite stressful because we only had a 2 month timeframe. We had to overcome a number of hurdles in preparation for our fast-tracked wedding but we were fortunate that a wedding fair was on during this time. We were able to find the majority of our vendors through the event. We chose our venue Jonah’s because of the stunning beach views and garden setting. It meant we could have the best of both worlds. We were lucky to have secured a date with Jonah’s at such short notice after a reservation was cancelled just days before we enquired.

How was your ceremony space decorated?
She Designs Events helped style our beachside wedding ceremony with a vintage, lace inspired theme. Off-cuts of printed fabric in white and neutral tones were used to

Real Wedding Hannah Emery and Ryan Fooks

Real Wedding Hannah Emery and Ryan Fooks

Creative duo Hannah Emery and Ryan Fooks took over a year to plan their summer wedding. Despite a couple of mishaps and extreme weather it was a celebration with rustic styling and a timeless colour palette.

The motto for our wedding was, ‘If it doesn’t work out it isn’t meant to be’. We tried to think of unique ways to do things and made all of our decorations ourselves. We made confetti cones from old sheet music which held dried rose petals and spent days with our family and friends holding wedding working bees.

The day of our wedding was a scorching 44 degrees. Unfortunately the wedding car broke down on the way to the ceremony so my father and I had to hitch a ride to the gardens. 
I remember waiting on the side of the road in 
my Johanna Johnson dress thinking, ‘I am marrying my best friend no matter what’. You can laugh or cry when things go wrong but for me there was no choice, I chose laughter. One of Ryan’s groomsmen also fainted during the ceremony and my aunt broke her wrist on the dance floor! I’m sure they will make